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Postural deficiencies
An epidemic by any other name


Poor posture
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Postural deficiencies

What's that, I hear you say. Poor posture would be the simple answer. However, often people come to me most apologetically, telling me they have bad posture and feel this is causing their malady. What I would say to that is, you probably cannot help having poor posture and the resultant aches and pains, but you can do a lot about it.
Most of the aches and pains associated with poor posture are due to muscles doing much of the work your skeleton should be doing. These muscles become tired and sore which makes them tighten making them even more tight and sore. Quite often, providing too much wear and tear has not taken place in the joints, simple adjustments can be made to take away this pressure on the muscles, thereby removing the aches and pains and removing their source, preventing their return. more to follow...........

An epidemic by any other name

During my meanderings through the Western Isles, I am becoming more and more aware of a problem which is very common in this modern age in which we live. A problem we, as a species, have brought upon ourselves. I am referring to the aches and pains we suffer due to postural imbalances which most of us assume are part and parcel of our advancing years. This may not be the case. Those postural imbalances (poor posture) may be causing headaches, sore shoulders, sore backs, sciatica, painful knees or hips and, providing there is not too much wear and tear resulting, may be sorted quite simply and painlessly. Often the pains associated with poor posture are due to overuse of postural muscles and could manifest themselves anywhere. Should this be the case, simple manipulations could be all that is needed.More to follow........................
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